Check out the list of great art installations and performances from 2019

Charlotte Ballet: Spring Works

Spring Works highlights the power of human connection through British choreographer David Dawson's Opus. 11. Created as a love letter to the two artists that inspired his choreographic career, Opus. 11 shows the emotional and transcendent power of a pure, unselfish partnership. Acclaimed choreographer Helen Pickett returns to create a new commission that is sure to capture the beauty and power of our artists. After resounding success and powerful audience response, we bring back Johan Inger's stylistic game-changer Walking Mad.

Boom Festival

BOOM Charlotte is the city's annual artist-led showcase of experimental and contemporary performance and visual art. We bring together local and national acts during a collaborative weekend in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Founded in 2016, BOOM has quickly grown into the largest, most diverse gathering of creative professionals in Charlotte. BOOM 2019 will feature over 120 shows/programs by 300+ artists, covering every medium, including dance, theatre, music, spoken word, fashion, food, installation, street art and more. BOOM celebrates the wealth of innovative original work created in our region and across the country and exposes Charlotte audiences to new styles they might not have otherwise discovered or appreciated.
BOOM is open and inclusive. We intentionally seek out diversity in race, gender, age, background and styles to present a broad range of performances and inspire as many people as possible. Join us, and bring your friends and family. We can't go BOOM without YOU!


In Bloom

Sozo Gallery presents, "In Bloom," an exhibit featuring the vibrant works of Ed Nash, Bre Crowell, Mary Ann Forehand, Liz Barber and more. Sozo Gallery is partnering with Fox Glove Fine Flowers, John Lupton Events, Pagoda Event Designs, and Darling Dogwood to display a number of collection inspired floral creations. "In Bloom" will be on view from April 26 to May 30, with opening reception Friday, May 10, from 6-8pm.


Some very large white rabbits, illuminated in stark white light, have been invading festivals around the world, and now they're invading Charlotte! The bunnies of Intrude strand tall yet relaxed, and they appear to be quite at home in their new patch. Rabbits in artist Amanda Parer's native Australia are an out-of-control pest, leaving a trail of ecological destruction wherever they go and defying attempts at eradication. First introduced by white settlers in 1788, they caused a great imbalance for the country's endemic species. The rabbit is also an animal of contradiction. They represent the fairy tale animals of our childhood - a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes the cutest image and a strong visual humor to lure you into the artwork, only to reveal the more serious environmental messages in the work. They are huge, their size referencing the elephant in the room: the problem, like our environmental impact, is big but easily ignored.


Impulse is a creation of Lateral Office and CS Design and was first presented as part as Luminotherapie, in the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. The installation of Impulse is an interactive work comprising a series of 15 seesaws with light and sound that changes when in motion. The seesaws form units of light and sound that can be activated by the public to create an ever-changing composition. By playing on the seesaws, you create a dynamic light and sound wave giving a pulse of warmth to the days and nights.

South End First Friday Gallery Crawl

On Friday, May 3rd, ten galleries and venues in South End will keep their doors open late for a special evening of creativity and community storytelling. Exhibitions in this month's South End Gallery Crawl explore themes of community, identity, migration and change. You will also find exhibitions featuring abstract art, color and form, and an interactive mural collaboration. Dilworth Artisan Station hosts their biannual Open House-this is your only chance until December to go in to the old factory building and find every one of the 25 artists with their studio doors open. Get to it.

Photo: The Sky is the Limit, by Paul Hastings of Dilworth Artisan Station

Family First Presented by Novant Health: Sculpting Your Vision

Every person has a story to tell. Artist Kevin Cole shares his story and life experiences through mixed-media sculptures. Among his most famous works are intricate, wood-based sculptures made to look like neck-ties and blankets. "When I turned eighteen years old, my grandfather stressed the importance of voting by taking me to a tree where he was told that African-Americans were lynched by their neckties on their way to vote. The experience left a profound impression in my mind."

Manual Cinema: No Blue Memories - The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks

Part poetry, film, music, intricate paper puppetry and live actors working in shadow, Manual Cinema's "No Blue Memories: The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks" is an unforgettable multi-media experience that celebrates the life of an icon, poet laureate, and Pulitzer Prize winner. Brooks was also a treasured educator and mentor to the countless writers and children who knew her as their very own "Miss Brooks." Weaving together poetry, storytelling, sound design, original music, and striking visuals, No Blue Memories is an exploration of Brooks's beloved city of Chicago and a story of how she navigated identity, craft, and politics over the course of one of the most remarkable careers in American literary history.

Hola Charlotte

Don't miss an exciting preview of Hola Charlotte at Charlotte SHOUT! Hola Charlotte is bringing their best Latino Street Dancing Mix featuring Samba from Brazil, Mexico folkloric dancers, Cumbia from Colombia, Salsa from Puerto Rico, Joropo from Venezuela, and Tango from Argentina. Performers will come out of The Biscuit Lounge (4th and Tryon) dancing and inviting attendees to join in the large street party! Follow the festivities up to the stages at Convergence Plaza (Trade and Tryon) for Salsa contests and more!

The Soap Bubble Circus

The Soap Bubble Circus are experts in the use of soap bubbles as a medium for delivering fun, memorable experiences. Our Soap Bubble Extravaganzas are perfect for when you are looking for something fresh, fun, original, interactive and hands-on that will appeal to people of all ages.

Entre Les Rangs

Entre Les Rangs is a creation of Kanva and was first presented as part of Luminotherapie in the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. When we see this work, evocative of a rural wheat field swaying in the breeze, we get a little taste of the distant summer. Fluttering atop thousands of flexible stems that bend in the wind, white reflectors scatter light from the projectors. Right in the heart of the city, these stylized stalks of wheat dance and shimmer to a musical score, inviting passersby to enjoy a dreamy stroll among them.





Prismatica is a creation of RAW Design and was first presented as part of Luminotherapie in the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. Prismatica is an installation comprised of 25 pivoting prisms more than two meters tall that transforms the street into a giant kaleidoscope. The prisms are made of panels laminated with a dichromic film that transmits and reflects every color in the visible spectrum, varying with the position of the light source and the observer. The prisms are mounted on bases containing projectors. As visitors wander among and manipulate the prisms, they will enjoy an infinite interplay of lights and colorful reflections. As the prisms rotate, a variable-intensity soundtrack comprised of bell sounds will play.



Enjoy a beautiful LED light and music show at Convergence Plaza! Constellation is a star-shaped canopy of 5,400 LED modules. 26' in diameter and hanging from a single point which will be displayed over the square at Trade & Tryon.

Artist Christopher Schardt has been creating large-scale sculpture since 2000, focusing on LEDs since 2013. He works in aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastics, electronics, and software. Mr. Schardt seeks to create sights and sounds that delight and surprise, while staying in concert with the surrounding environment.


L'homme Cirque: David Dimitri's One Man Circus

An exciting and daring one man circus that's perfect for the entire family, and in the intimate setting of a one-of-a-kind tent in Uptown's First Ward Park, David Dimitri's L'homme Cirque balances dramatic feats like high wire flips and a human cannon launch with humor, poetry and serenades on the accordion. Lauded "Lord of the Wire" by New York Times, this world-famous high wire dancer and veteran of Cirque du Soleil and Big Apple Circus creates what he calls "a unique magic" as he performs an entire circus, all alone. It's as gripping as it is charming-and with a grand flourish, you'll be awestruck as he exits the tent on his high wire, crossing above at 150 feet and into the sky.

Professor Whizzpop

Join Professor Whizzpop throughout the festival for magical moments and mystical mayhem. With shows and programs designed to amaze, amuse, engage and enthuse, the Professor is a one-man medley of comedy magic. Hailing from the UK and now a resident of Western, NC, our friendly neighborhood magician has something for everyone, from close-up moments of magical theater, full 45-minute kids shows and balloons to a cadre of performing fleas!

Tall Tales

Tall Tales, a celebratory adventure for children and families of all ages, is the latest work from Australia's Strange Fruit. This epic tale, performed atop 16 ft. sway poles, follows the Chaplin-esque antics of three eccentric mariners aboard a vessel which morphs from humble beached boat, to a ship on the high seas. This vessel's levitated crew perform an arsenal of spectacular physical feats in an exploration of the immense capacity of the human spirit, transforming familiar public spaces and highlighting the iconic sway poles that define Australia's Strange Fruit.

Established in 1994, Australia's Strange Fruit is a much-celebrated touring company that creates and performs a unique style of performance for audiences worldwide. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company performs atop flexible poles, bending and swaying to impossible angles while combining elements of theatre, dance, and circus. With a repertoire that has a universal appeal and is accessible to all cultures and ages, Australia's Strange Fruit has been presented in 50 countries at over 450 international festivals.


The Future is Now

About Face Charlotte will create a large scale, multimedia, multicultural, interactive installation, incorporating visual arts and technology. The installation, The Future is Now!, will will wrap the exterior of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in very large portraits of our youth and give us the opportunity to hear their voices, creating a community sensory experience that will inspire viewers with a vision for the next 250 years in the Queen City. About Face Charlotte is partnering with internationally known artist, JR and his global InsideOut Project, to print the large scale photographs and will be featured on their website.

Artist - Scott Gardner

The Faces of Charlotte

In celebration of Charlotte's 250th anniversary, a special piece of art, presented by Compass Group, called The Faces of Charlotte was created to share the stories of 250 Charlotteans.

The Faces of Charlotte video will be projected onto a 'screen' of cascading water at Polk Park in Uptown during Charlotte SHOUT! The water and the falls around it are reminiscent of the early Catawba river, which was not flat like we see it today, but rocky, chaotic, and full of energy.

A huge thank you to Wonder World Creative for producing this piece and The Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art for providing space to shoot the interviews.

Shout your Story with Talking Walls

To celebrate the city of Charlotte, we must celebrate the diverse backgrounds that make up our communities. Each person brings their own history to the Queen City and that is part of the reason Charlotte is the city of ideas. Charlotte is a transplant city and this project is designed to highlight the fabric of our communities' diverse backgrounds.

Community festival goers will be invited to participate in a creative street art project during the three days of Charlotte Shout! Talking Walls will prep N. Tryon with chalk painted speech bubble graphics in artful conversational clusters prior to festival activities. Festival goers can then write their hometown in one of the bubbles. They can simply write in chalk their town or get creative and design the bubble to represent their story. This activity can be done over three-four days and form a large image in its culmination.

Final design will look like a large fabric pattern made up of speech bubbles, and when you walk around it you will see that the world is truly represented in Charlotte.


A People's History of Charlotte

A People's History of Charlotte is a 3D projection-mapped video event taking place on the facade of the McColl Center in uptown Charlotte. Using 3D projection-mapping software, still images, video and music, we'll tell the story of Charlotte-Mecklenburg through the eyes of the people. From the time Spanish explorers began attacking and enslaving indigenous people through the arrival of Scots-Irish settlers and the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras, and finally Charlotte's emergence as a vibrant modern city. We'll see how historic events impacted the lives of ordinary people. WonderWorld Video, in conjunction with Warpcore productions and Charlotte Center City Partners, is producing this historic event.

MACFLY Opening: The Makerspace

This unique live activation combines interactive art and design by putting you in control of the SHOUT! gift shop. The creatives at MACFLY are rolling out screen printing equipment, vinyl cutters, embroidery machines, heat-presses and everything else you need to create custom designed SHOUT! swag.

A team of experts will introduce you to several techniques used in the creation of apparel and other items featuring the festival logo, the artists and even Charlotte-inspired gear so you can rep your city. Spend some time creating t-shirts, hats, tote bags, posters and more; then have a photoshoot with your INSTAGRAMMABLE gear - all beneath the skyline right in the middle of our city streets.

MACFLY is a Charlotte-based collective of screen printers and streetwear enthusiasts who not only offer apparel services to local businesses and individuals but also travel throughout the region bringing their form of live art to museums, festivals and schools. Through their FACTS program, undervalued youth are encouraged to enter creative professions by developing their skills during apprenticeships with the MACFLY concept store and makerspace at Camp North End in Charlotte's Smart District.


Novant Health's Luster Hashtag Mosaic

Novant Health is excited to showcase their Hashtag Mosaic Wall at Charlotte SHOUT! from May 9-11 located near S. Tryon and 4th St. This will be a collaborative art project that will collect all photos posted on Instagram using the hashtag #NovantSHOUT! We will then combine all of those photos to create a giant 6' x 12' mosaic to be completed on Saturday, May 11. The message behind the mosaic is One Charlotte. One Region. One Community. Make sure you stop by to check it out and to be a part of the Mosaic Wall with Novant Health!

Pichi Avo Mural Artists at Charlotte Ballet

Come watch international mural artists Pichi Avo create a tribute to greek goddess of dance and music, Terpsichore on one of the walls of the Charlotte Ballet.

This Spanish based artist duo, are recognized for their ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social contexts. Their style adopts a focus which is both beautiful and performative, firm in its discussion and totally the perfect deconstruction of classic art and contemporary urban art, in order to create a new fusion, which whilst faithful to its classic heritage, creates a new and exciting vision of art. PichiAvo are one since 2007, fleeing from the self-centeredness of graffiti, united to create a single piece of work, reciting a conceptually urban poetry, born from the artistic formalism of the street, transferring fragments of a wall to the canvas and from the canvas to the wall in a personal version.


Interactive Augmented Mural by Nick Napoletano and Peter Godshall

Nick Napoletano is a painter, muralist, and designer known for hyperrealist works brimming with allegory and symbolism. Nick has expanded his work into the field of Virtual/Augmented Reality. He developed a unique method of making his two-dimensional images come to life, one that does not require observers to use an external viewing device. His next projects will incorporate this VR/AR method in a manner that engages and connects often disparate groups within the community.

The piece displayed at Charlotte SHOUT! is an interactive, augmented mural that responds to audience members' movement. The augmentation is through projection mapping, and requires no external device for interactive effects - the results are real-time and dynamic.


Right Moves for Youth 23rd Annual Twilight 5K

Join us for the 23rd Annual Right Moves for Youth (RMFY) Twilight 5K Road Race & Walk. This event is one of the only evening races in Charlotte. Festivities will be held on May 10, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Atrium. On average, 1,200+ runners hit the streets of Uptown Charlotte to support RMFY. Twilight 5K includes several other fun activities. The 1K Kid's Fun Run is for children ages 12 and under and begins at 8 p.m. The Center City Cup Awards are given to corporate participants with the highest overall participation in three divisions (less than 100 employees, 100-999 employees, and 1,000+ employees). Participants and their families enjoy live music, free food, prizes/giveaways, and fellowship with RMFY staff, students, board members, and community partners throughout the evening.

Blue Lapis Light

For the first time ever, and for FREE, Charlotte will see dancers bravely and gracefully perform 15 stories high on the side of the Charlotte Government Center. In a 30 minute show created just for Charlotte SHOUT!, dancers will boldly fly across the face of this iconic building with a sense of joy and playfulness that you will feel. Blue Lapis Light is a modern dance company that specializes in creating large scale performances in unexpected places. They create works of beauty that fuel our sense of wonder and collective awe. Come curious, leave amazed.


Part symposium. Part exhibition. Part immersive music and art installation. Full-on celebration of the creative process.

End to End is a "confluence of innovation" designed to open doors and deepen connections across industries, mediums, and people through the lens of technology. Experience cross-genre collaborations that will challenge and inspire.


Big Fat Indian Wedding

Whether you witnessed, attended, or read about the recent wedding of Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra with singer actor Nick Jonas, or asked any visitor to India to share their must-have experiences, we are sure that attending an Indian wedding would be in the top three things on that bucket list. Indian wedding traditions have roots that go back some 5000 years. The ceremonies have evolved over time but still can go on for days, and consist of a number of key rituals - giving away of daughter by the father, and taking seven steps each signifying a mutual vow between the bride and the groom with fire as the witness.

India Association of Charlotte is proud to have partnered with Charlotte Center City Partners, to bring you the City's first BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING as part of The Charlotte Shout festival. We are fortunate to be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Festival of India, along with celebrating Charlotte's 250th birthday. This event is a first of its kind in the Queen City, showcasing the rich culture and diversity of India through a Live Bollywood style wedding, offering an immersive experience of the glamorous sights and sounds of India. You will also get to dance to the beats of Bollywood songs, dress up in dazzling Indian fashion and capture those memories in pictures, and taste the tantalizing aroma of Indian food.

The event will present a live Indian wedding ceremony on center stage, with Indian music and dance performances that also include a Bollywood dance workshop, Fashion shows, Henna tattoos and much more.

Kick off to the event featuring choreographed performances (Sangeet) from local expert dance teachers showcasing various dance styles and choreography performed at an Indian wedding and a Fashion showcase of typical bridal wear and wedding guest outfits

A pre-selected dance teacher will lead the audience in simple Bollywood dance steps to do during the groom's arrival and after the wedding ceremony.

2:30 PM BAARAT - GROOM BAARAT, or groom's procession.
The groom arrives on a decorated white horse/elephant/fancy car. Guests dance around him to the beats of a Dhol, an Indian drum. Groom will be led to the Mandap followed by the bride.
The bride and her family greet the groom and the couple exchange floral garlands to symbolize their acceptance of each other.

Marriage is a sacred union between two souls and the Hindu marriage ceremony follows guidelines from the Vedas, ancient Hindu scriptures. These traditions have remained unchanged for thousands of years. The ceremony is performed in Sanskrit, the most ancient surviving language, and includes rituals performed by the bride, groom and close family members. The wedding takes place under a mandap, or canopy. The four pillars of the mandap symbolize the four parents of the bride and groom. Under the mandap a new life begins and the parents continue their role as guides. The Agni, or ceremonial fire, is the focal point of the wedding and is a symbol of light, power and God's presence. The institution of Vivah, or marriage, is a union which binds not only two hearts but also two families. The concept of God joining two souls together to form one, as seen in Christian wedding traditions, is also seen here. The couple embarks on a new life enriched by their own union blended with blessings of God, ancestors and elders, and the good wishes of all of their friends and relatives.

The priest, groom, bride and bride's parents sit beneath a Mandap, a decorated canopy. The priest leads the wedding ceremony and the emcee will announce important components (Kanya Daan, Mangal Phera, Saptapadi, sindoor and Mangal Sutra) of the ceremony using Q/A format with the priest.
Farewell to bride, audience participated dance with lively Bolllywood music.

The Rising presented by Fit Atelier x Charlotte SHOUT! x Atrium Health

The Rising is a multi-sensory yoga experience that takes participants on a journey from the last moments of dawn's darkness to the morning sun and all of it's warmth. The class will begin at 6:00 AM and the sun will rise around 6:25 AM and the will continue, ending with a savasana at 7:00 AM.

Yoga will be led by Jaimis Huff featuring live music by Brit Drozda. Atrium Health will be providing yoga mats for the first 250 participants. Tickets are $10 and 100% of proceeds will go to Share Charlotte for projects to benefit the city of Charlotte.

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Ukulele Workshop

Ukulele Provided
Instructor: Kieran Walker
Max 30 Participants

Play ukuleles, sing, laugh and enjoy company with friends, as our wonderful instructor leads you through a colorful world of discovery and songs on the Ukulele that you'll know and love. All ages are welcome! We'll have 30 Ukuleles available, but feel free to bring your own!

Cirque Performances Caroline Calouche & Co.

CC&Co. artists take to the air and ground to bring you entertaining and breathtaking acts on aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, partner acrobatics and more! Between our performances you will have the opportunity to demo what it is like to fly on an aerial sling and another human. More info on us at and our school